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The year was 1914 but the lion did not care. The savage beast was hot on the trail of Fabong, it was drooling as it salivated at the sight of cringing muscles on its prey’s shirtless torso. The magnificent beast gave chase and covered the distance with each passing second, the end was near and Fabong could sense it. He ran and screamed till his lungs emptied all the air in them, the tropical sun scorched his skin and sweat trickled into his mouth with each scream, he couldn’t register the salty taste as all he could taste was his fear. 


300km away, Ndam was bored out of his skull in the forests of lokoja. He had previously struck the ground in anger with his hoe thereby creating the river Ibi. On this day for amusement, he channelled the water to what we now call River Niger. With his…

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