Listen to this because it just may SAVE YOUR LIFE. We have all heard about EBOLA, the deadly virus which has entered Nigeria and is causing widespread panic. As you should know by now ebola CANNOT BE CURED. The only possible treatment which exists is an experimental drug in America, and the United States believes it is “too early” to experiment a cure for a disease on the people whom the disease kills the most.

HOWEVER, a patriotic Nigerian scientist has taken THE BULL BY THE HORNS and invested countless months of research and experimentation into DEVELOPING A TREATMENT for this deadly, and to be honest satanic, virus. As God will have it his research has been successful, leading to a GROUNDBREAKING DISCOVERY that can stop the scourge sweeping our country.Please note that while this treatment does not CURE ebola, it COMPLETELY PREVENTS a person, specifically Nigerians, from contracting ebola.

How is this possible? The groundbreaking treatment targets A GENETIC CODE UNIQUE TO NIGERIANS which controls the IMMUNE SYSTEM. Then it boosts or elevates the immunity in a way that makes it specifically target the EARLY STAGE SYMPTOMATIC EVIDENCES of Ebola, isolates them so as to PREVENT VIRAL FUSION then TOTALLY DESTROYS them before they can mature into a killer virus.

Do you want to be free of the fear of Ebola? Do you want to be able to go to work or play football or go to the market without fear of people touching you? THE ANSWER IS HERE. You only need to apply this treatment ONCE and you are SAVED. Read the EASY TO FOLLOW instructions below and set yourself on the path to good health and Ebola freedom.

STEP 1: Go to any branch of Union Bank anywhere in Nigeria.

STEP 2: Deposit a minimum of N10, 000 (ten thousand naira – minimum) into the following account:
Account name: Africa Ukoh
Account number: 3036968530
Branch: Any

STEP 3: Take the pink-slip teller home with you. DO NOT drop it into the teller-box in the bank. On your way home If you do not have salt and kolanut branch and buy some.

STEP 4: Place a large pot of water to boil on your gas cooker (please, kerosine and charcoal stove will not work). Break the kolanut into pieces, add into the pot of water. Cut the pink-slip teller into small pieces, add into the pot of water. Add 7 (seven) tablespoonfuls of salt into the pot of water. Now continuously stir until the mixture comes to a steaming boil.

STEP 5: Drink a full cup of the mixture while it is still hot. You can serve it with your breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, should you so wish.

STEP 6: Use the remaining mixture to take your bath.

STEP 7 (not compulsory): Go to church and give thanks and share your testimony.

After this you can consider yourself FREE from EBOLA. However, the efficacy of this treatment is INDIVIDUALLY EXCLUSIVE. In other words, it can ONLY work on one individual. Should you and your family, or you and your bae, wish to take this treatment, you must all make separate deposits and mixtures.

Fellow Nigerians, with this I am happy to say the END OF EBOLA is here. We no longer need America and their oyibo-oyibo experimental medicine that they are keeping in the freezer until it is “too late” before they start experimenting it on the people whose lives it could possibly save.

I will also be posting other new treatments which completely prevent and/or cure diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. But before doing so I will need to open a GTB account.