About an African

Who am I?
I’m Spiderman! Well, actually, I just got bitten by a small spider once.

My name’s Africa Ukoh. I art a dreamer, a seeker and a believer. To afford food and internet connection I am a playwright, screenwriter, creative director, and arts administrator. Would-be spoken word artist, used to be a good sketch artist but I stopped practising. Anime/manga lover. And a bunch of other stuff.

(Excuse me for a minute while I talk about myself in third person to sound cooler …)

In 2011 Africa won the first runner-up prize in the BBC African Performance competition with his radio play Silhouettes. The following year his full length stage version of the play, 54 Silhouettes, received the 30 Nigeria House prize, an award supported by Theatre Royal Stratford East. His works have been recognised, published and performed on platforms such as Voice of Nigeria, Sentinel Magazine Nigeria, Sentinel Annual Literary Anthology, RISE Magazine, the French Cultural Institute of Nigeria and more. His biggest achievement to date came in 2014 when he won the prestigious Oscar Award for best actress in a supporting role … Oh, wait, wait! No, that … that was Lupita N’yongo.

A dyspralexic battling with wrist tendonitis and internet addiction, you can help me continue to lose this battle by following me on twitter: @Pensage.

If I owe you money and I am yet to pay it back, DON’T get in touch:
Email: africaukoh@gmail.com