Writer’s Dictionary: Subtext

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1. A process in which a writer figures out exactly what he/she wants to say in his/her writing then says it in such a way that is isn’t exactly said.
2. The thirdly deadly weapon of scriptwriting.

The characters need to be very complex, so that makes the subtext all the more important.


Writer’s Dictionary: Sponging

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A technique used by writers to improve their work especially stream of consciousness writing. When sponging a writer refrains from writing for a certain period of time focusing instead on accumulating experiences through activities such as reading, traveling, spending time with loved ones, observing society etc. The stimuli from these experiences are not analyzed but allowed to seep into the writer’s subconscious then poured out at the point of return to writing.

I can’t write with a cast on so for now I’m just sponging.


The state or condition of absorbing experiences so as to influence one’s writing later.

I tend to be a lazy writer so I have to be careful to not get stuck in a sponge.

Writer’s Dictionary: White Board

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White board

A thing or (preferably) person upon which a writer throws all his/her ridiculous ideas so as to open up mental and creative space for the ingenious ideas to flow in.

Writing the final scenes was a headache but once Esther came in as my white board I was able to figure out the ending.


To serve as a white board for someone, typically a writer.

I love white-boarding for John whenever he starts writing new work.

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